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Peter Sarstedt - Singer Records  
Album: Restless Heart

The new album from Peter Sarstedt 'Restless Heart'
contains never before released tracks from one of the
most original singer/songwriters. 'Restless Heart' is
a collection of very personal songs, mostly about
love... lost and found. Available February from Singer
records direct from Amazon and I-Tunes.

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Peter Sarstedt Restless Heart - Singer Records

Price £ 11.35 inc P&P

Peter Sarstedt The Lodt Album - Singer Records

Price £ 10.99 inc P&P

Album: The Lost Album

For many years tapes of an album made by singer/songwriter Peter Sarstedt had been thought lost forever. Recorded in the seventies with musicians from his home in Copenhagen, the album of original compositions was never released. Over the years the tapes were destroyed and it was only by chance that the album’s producer came across some safety master copies during a clean out of his loft. He immediately had the delicate tapes digitally mastered, so now we can hear these lovely songs as the composer originally intended.

As a bonus track, an unreleased version of Peter’s number one hit song, Where Do You Go To (My Lovely), has been included on the album to coincide with the release of the Wes Anderson movie The Darjeeling Company, which features the song.

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The words: All of Peter Sarstedt's tracks are available to download from i-Tunes. Click here.


Album: How To Dress Sensibly

Featuring Thingabout London

"A new album by
a strong group of indiviuals under the name English Eccentrics. Featuring the voices of Suggs and Toyah Willcox

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English Eccentrics - Singer Records


Price £ 14.99 inc P&P

Album: In line with Mr Jimmy

"An absorbing and extremely classy release - chilled, sensual and very listenable.Just close your eyes and let the sensual rhythm wash gently over and around you." - Toxic Pete

" Good attempt to cover these clasic songs, amazing voice." - IDJ Magazine

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All of Uncle Ray's releases are available to download from iTunes
Uncle Ray - Singer Records  
Single: Miss You

"...Uncle Ray does the almost impossible and reinvents two classic Stones cuts and into the bargain not only breathing new life into them but developing them from an opposing perspective. Should see the coolest club floors falling over themselves in deep adoration." - Losing Today Magazine

Single: Miss You c/w Off The Hook..
All of Uncle Ray's releases are available to download from iTunes

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