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The new album from Peter Sarstedt 'Restless Heart' contains never before released tracks from one of the most original singer/songwriters. 'Restless Heart' is a collection of very personal songs, mostly about love... lost and found. Available February from Singer records direct from Amazon and I-Tunes.

Director Wes Anderson featuring Peter’s music in two of his films ‘The Darjeeling Limited’ and ‘Hotel Chevalier’

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For many years tapes of an album made by singer/songwriter Peter Sarstedt had been thought lost forever. Recorded in the seventies with musicians from his home in Copenhagen, the album of original compositions was never released. Over the years the tapes were destroyed and it was only by chance that the album’s producer came across some safety master copies during a clean out of his loft. He immediately had the delicate tapes digitally mastered, so now we can hear these lovely songs as the composer originally intended.

As a bonus track, an unreleased version of Peter’s number one hit song, Where Do You Go To (My Lovely), has been included on the album to coincide with the release of the Wes Anderson movie The Darjeeling Company, which features the song.

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Peter Sarstedt The Lodt Album - Singer Records
Uncle Ray Miss You - Singer Records

With the Rolling Stones celebrating their 50th Anniversary, the unsung architect behind some of their greatest hits is being remembered by British producer/musician Uncle Ray. "In Line With Mr Jimmy " is dedicated to U.S. record producer Jimmy Miller (1944-1994) the man responsible for the seminal albums: 'Beggars Banquet',' Let It Bleed', 'Exile On Main Street', 'Goat's Head Soup' and 'Sticky Fingers'. Uncle Ray, who worked with Miller, has re-styled versions of some of the Stones classics.

Its easy to forget the man behind some of their greatest albums. Jimmy is hardly mentioned any more says Uncle Ray. I met him when he was brought over to London from New York by Islands Chris Blackwell to work with Steve Winwood. In the studio he was dynamite, always grabbing a shaker or cowbell and turning every session into Mardi Gras. And remember this was a time when most recording engineers still wore lab coats. I met up with him a few years later when he was recording the Stones. His hair had grown and he looked a bit spaced out but he still had that wicked twinkle in his eyes.

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Brought together by leading fashion designer and artist Helen David, who wanted to record an album of lounge music that would be quintessentially English, How To Dress Sensibly has been recorded by an oddball collection of individuals who include Asher Senator,
Toyah Willcox
and Suggs.

The album is a mixture of words from
great English eccentrics past and present and original lounge music. Helen was inspired by the doyen of the avant-garde, Dame Edith Sitwell. The Sitwells were from the infamous Bloomsbury set of the Twenties. Included in Edith's many diverse and often bizarre activities was a selection of poems called Façade and a book entitled English Eccentrics. All the members of English Eccentrics were born in Great Britain but come from completely different backgrounds...

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English Eccentrics - Singer Records
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